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Stone Strong Stone Retaining Walls

Stone Strong Systems have been designed and manufactured for ease-of-use and aesthetic appeal. These unique interlocking block retaining walls offer exceptional versatility and longevity.

Some of the advantages of using Concrib Stone Strong stone retaining walls:

  1. Safe, secure, strong

    Stone Strong Systems provide ideal earth stabilisation solutions for many diverse projects from shoreline to dump walls, and erosion control applications. Retained heights are only limited by the imagination, with straight gravity solutions up to 4.5 metres readily available, and geogrid applications well in excess of 10 plus metres.

  2. Innovative design and exceptional support

    These fully engineered precast interlocking block retaining walls have earned a solid reputation for technical innovation and each installation is backed by Concrib’s unparalleled customer support. The attractive webbed block design minimises concrete volume and transport/handling weight, while maximising geotechnical performance. Stone Strong’s main large block is 2.44m x 0.92m, so with a face area of 2.25 square metres per block installation is rapid.

  3. Peace of mind

    When it comes to quality, the precision manufacturing, and superior design of each block ensures a Stone Strong stone retaining wall is built to last. Close dimensional tolerances, robust structural design and 40mPa concrete, allows for a 100-year design life within a broad range of applications and engineering settings.

  4. Aesthetic appeal

    In addition to their exceptional durability and versatility, Stone Strong stone retaining walls provide attractive and affordable earth stabilisation solutions. This is achieved through the decorative effects of facing patterns (such as chiselled stone or split blocks). Additionally, blocks can be coloured with a variety of special concrete sealants.


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