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Concrete sleeper retaining walls

Concrib Sleeper Retaining Walls are a unique product that combines the strength and durability of concrete with the beauty of a wood grain finish.

Our sleeper retaining walls look great and will NEVER ROT!

Advantages of Concrib sleeper retaining walls include:

  1. Ease of installation
  2. They do not require skilled labour and are easily and quickly erected. The components are easily handled by two people, and there are no costly foundations involved. We offer “supply and install” or “supply only” services.

  3. Durability
  4. The durable concrete composition never rots. This means it provides a quality finish that looks great and lasts a lifetime.

  5. Aesthetics
  6. Although our units are manufactured using grey concrete only; once in place, our sleeper walls can be painted in a wide variety of colours. We use a highly resistant “Shieldcoat” concrete sealant to ensure our sleeper walls remain aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

If you are looking for sleeper retaining walls that will make an eye-catching statement and retain their appeal for many years to come, contact the Concrib team on (07) 3375 1800. We'd love to help you find a solution.

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