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Segmental block and geo-grid-reinforced retaining walls

Segmental block walls are dry-stacked in a running bond to create a freestanding retaining wall face. Our segmental block wall components are manufactured by a variety of local concrete product manufacturers.

Some of the advantages of Concrib segmental block wall systems include:

  1. Extended wall height capabilities — with geogrid reinforcement
  2. As a gravity structure, segmental block walls are limited to very low heights due to the lack of mass of the blocks.

    However, a segmental block wall, used in conjunction with geogrid soil reinforcement elements, can be constructed to significant heights — even in excess of 10 metres.

    Generally speaking, soil, as a construction material is strong in compression, and weak in tension. In a reinforced soil retaining structure, the soil block behind the face of the wall is reinforced in tension by the addition of a high-modulus polymer material, known as geogrid. 

    The geogrids are usually sandwiched between the block courses of the wall face.

    Geogrid reinforced segmental block walls are particularly cost effective in a fill situation — where there is plenty of room to lay out the geogrid to the required anchor length, without having to excavate any natural material.

  3. Versatile application
  4. Segmental block walls can be constructed near vertical and can accommodate both convex and concave radii. Concrib offers a complete design/construct/certify service for these walls.

  5. Aesthetics
  6. Blocks are available in a variety of colours and face texture finishes.

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