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Rock Catch Fence – Miami Beach Queensland

Miami is a great place for a traditional family caravan park holiday. The park is located right on the beach below a headland. Due to lingering concerns that some debris or rocks on the steep face of the headland could be dislodged by severe weather or human activity the local authority acted to protect the caravan park area from this possibility by installing a purpose designed Rock Catch Barrier.

More often seen in Europe where they are mostly deployed in alpine regions, the theory and practice is the same, i.e. the capture of mobile rocks and the significant reduction of risk of damage to people and property.

The barrier selected by the local authority is a proprietary system offered by Maccaferri Pty Ltd. The whole system was installed to strict specifications by Concrib.

These types of barriers are usually rated by the amount of energy absorbtion they are capable of.

This particular design at Miami is rated at 500 kilo-Joules. As an example, this equates roughly to the ability to arrest a one tonne boulder traveling at 100kph. Some barriers used in the alpine regions of Europe are rated at ten times this – 5000kJ!

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Rock Catch Fence – Miami Beach
Rock Catch Fence – Miami Beach
Rock Catch Fence – Miami Beach
Rock Catch Fence – Miami Beach

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