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Maroochydore Road Upgrade Stage 3

In October 2005, FRH Group Pty Ltd was awarded the contract for the third stage of the Maroochydore Road Upgrade works (Enterprise St to Martins Creek West). Incorporated in the project design was a large concrete crib retaining wall.

Concrib had been involved with the construction of similar structures incorporated in the first and second stages of this important Sunshine Coast roads improvement program. The successful completion of these stages gave the FRH the confidence to appointe Concrib to construct the wall for the third stage.

The crib wall on this project was a substantial structure up to 4.5 metres high, with a 20 kPa surcharge loading above the wall in some areas. Once completed, the project comprised a total of about 350 square metres of walling.

As well as completing the work on time and within budget, Concrib were able to refine the structural design of the wall, thereby enabling a cost saving to be passed to the client. 

The completed wall was finished with landscape planting and mulch to create a pleasing presentation.

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Maroochydore Road Upgrade Stage 3
Maroochydore Road Upgrade Stage 3
Maroochydore Road Upgrade Stage 3
Maroochydore Road Upgrade Stage 3

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