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Attractive sleeper wall solution provided for Mango Hill development


Project: Crest Estate, Mango Hill 2800sqm of walling with max heights up to 4.6 metres
Client: Fairmont Group
Contract: Design/Construct/Certify Concrib Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

Fairmont Group, an Adelaide based property development company, recently began construction of a 107 lot residential subdivision at Mango Hill, located north of Brisbane. Each lot ranges in size from 300sqm to 2000sqm.

The development has been enhanced through careful design and construction, enabling many of the allotments to have serene views of the adjoining bushland and Freshwater Creek.

However, there have been a number of obstacles to overcome.
For example, one of the key requirements for this project was to be able to present attractive, “ready to build“ homesites to the market. To achieve this, Fairmont Group found it necessary to cut and fill the land, thus requiring retaining walls fit for this purpose.

Concrib provide a turnkey solution

The development covers approximately 11 hectares and was subject to a high degree of rise and fall across the site. That’s when Concrib were engaged to provide a complete turnkey contract to design, construct and certify the walls.
In total, about 2800sqm of retaining wall was required, with 1900sqm being up to 3m, and 830sqm of very high walls varying from 3m to 4.6m. The great advantage of sleeper walls is the relatively narrow area of land required – thus maximising the overall value of the development.

To provide maximum usable space for each property, it was decided the walls should be of vertical cantilever concrete sleeper wall design – incorporating steel columns as the vertical supports. Many of these steel columns weighed up to 656kg and were 8.5m in length.

Careful installation techniques were used throughout this project, including precise clamping and placement of the steel columns. The result? A great looking, and well engineered retaining wall.

Need an engineered retaining structure?

Talk to the experts at Concrib. We have the knowledge and experience to tackle a variety of earth stabilisation, and construction projects.

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Fernvale Sleeper Wall
Fernvale Sleeper Wall
Fernvale Sleeper Wall
Fernvale Sleeper Wall

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