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Engineered retaining wall embankment

The development:

Well known development company, Commercial and Industrial Property Pty Ltd (CIP) completed a large office and distribution warehouse complex in October 2013. Used for earthmoving machinery and parts, the site is approx 209,000sqm, and houses a 59,000sqm building. The east and west boundaries of the site include cut earth embankments ranging from 10 to 12 metres in height.

The site:

Due to the site location and land use requirements, the batters are cut at 1 : 1. CIP were acutely aware of potential problems, so to circumvent any issues with areas of localised instability, surface erosion, or wedge failures following anticipated heavy rainfall events, CIP engaged Soil Surveys Pty Ltd. The latter assessed the issues and provided a range of engineering solutions for successful remedial works.

The solution:

Subsequent to the Soil Surveys report, CIP engaged Concrib to provide a design /construct service to implement the suggested remedial measures, including a suitable retaining wall. To provide our design certification for the rock fall netting/ shotcrete stabilisation, Concrib engaged specialist geotechnical consultants, Geoinventions.

This system consisted of a shotcrete surface, reinforced with woven hexagonal rock fall netting mesh with soil nails at 4 metre centres installed at a depth of between 2 and 4 metres. The nails were located top and bottom of the embankment, and at one-third and two-thirds height.

The process:

The construction procedure for the system included:

  • Clearing the face by blasting with compressed air to provide a good
    surface for the shotcrete to bond. This was done from an elevated, articulating work platform.
  • Drilling and installing grouted soil nails.
  • Installing strip drains spaced at 2m down the face of the embankment.
  • Installing cables and rock fall netting from an elevated work platform
    Placing bar chairs beneath the RFN to facilitate even cover.
  • Finally applying Shotcrete to a thickness of approx 100mm across the
    whole RFN area.

In all approx 4,000sqm of embankment received this treatment.

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