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Darra rail upgrade project

The Trackstar Alliance awarded Concrib the contract for the design, construction, and certification of major retaining walls on the Corinda to Darra rail upgrade project.

Concrib constructed concrete crib walls, which are gravity-based retaining structures, consisting of concrete elements stacked parallel and perpendicular to the wall face, to form a three-dimensional grid structure.

The Trackstar Alliance’s contractor selection process was rigorous and based not only on technical and financial requirements — great emphasis was focused on the ability of the contractor to comply with some of the strictest site safety procedures in the civil construction arena. This aligned well with Concrib’s commitment to workplace safety.

In partnership with Trackstar Alliance management and site personnel, Concrib successfully addressed the issues surrounding working at height, materials deliveries, excavation, set out and construction of the walls.

All of these activities were carried out safely despite being wholly conducted within the rail corridor and in close proximity to 25kV power lines.

The grid structure is filled with gravel for most of the height of the wall. Crib walls are typically battered at 1H: 4V and offer remarkable efficiency of construction — especially in a cut situation. 

The walls at Darra are typically 3 to 6 metres in height and up to 190 m in length, with a curved face to match the track alignment. The completed project required the construction of approximately 2000 square metres of wall.

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Darra Rail Upgrade Project
Darra Rail Upgrade Project
Darra Rail Upgrade Project
Darra Rail Upgrade Project

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