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sleeper wall with acrylic finish

Concrib maximises land values in
Dakabin with 2,500 square metres of
concrete sleeper walls


Project 125 Lot Residential sub-division
Client Civil Contractors Pty. Ltd.
Location Alma Road, Dakabin, Qld
Stats Approx 2,500 square metres of concrete sleeper walls
Consultant Queensland Structural Engineering

Concrib was commissioned to construct approximately 2,500 square metres of concrete sleeper walls at a residential development in Dakabin.

Project challenges

Although the natural sub-grade material appeared to be suitable stiff clays, the site was plagued by areas of very high ground water levels and subterranean springs. In addition, complex multi-level four-way wall intersections were required where some lots adjoined.

Concrib's solutions

As a consequence of this, some sections of the site required that the footing details of the walls be redesigned to compensate for the changed geotechnical conditions. Some piers for the high and tiered sections of walling were required to be 600mm in diameter and up to 5 metres deep complete with a full spiral reo-cage.

Maximising land values

In this project, the Concrib team made use of the new tinted sealant — proving that concrete sleeper walls don't have to be grey, rather they can be coloured to blend in well with their surroundings.

Hot-dipped galvanised steel posts were used thereby providing and extremely narrow construction footprint for the walls that aligns with Concrib's commitment to maximising land values.

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Dakabin Sleeper Wall
Dakabin Sleeper Wall
Dakabin Sleeper Wall
Dakabin Sleeper Wall

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