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Rock Mattress Channel Lining – Colmslie

Perrin Creek flows into the Brisbane River at Colmslie, Brisbane. The creek bisects a large industrial/commercial precinct next to the river.

To enable adjacent industrial land to be developed, Perrin Creek had to be realigned, and formed into a 20m wide trapezoidal channel. The much wider channel, and subsequent drop in flow velocities, also provided bank stabilization and flood mitigation.

Concrib installed approximately 7,000m² of rock-mattresses (supplied by Maccaferri) on behalf of the head contractor, McIlwain Civil.

The creek is tidal, which meant that prefilled mattress units had to be lifted into place in areas where bunding and dewatering was not possible. A 100t crane was used to lift the 6 tonne filled mattresses into place at a 32m radius. A full time Safety Officer was employed during crane-operation due to the proximity of high-tension power lines crossing the site.

In the bunded area, access was only possible from one side of the creek. The Concrib team used an innovative rock-fill placement method using a “telebelt” materials handler, with a reach of 32m, to drop the rock directly into the mattress cells.

Overall the project took approximately 8 weeks at a cost of $600,000-00.

Over time the creek will take on a natural appearance with the establishment of native vegetation, including the planting of thousands of mangroves to be place in pre-installed tubes within the mattresses.

For any aspect of rock-mattress and gabion design/construct projects contact the team on (07) 3375 1800.

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Colmslie Channel Lining
Colmslie Channel Lining
Colmslie Channel Lining

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