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Major reconstruction at Bellthorpe Range Road


  • Part of $8 million road remediation and upgrade
  • 2km of damaged road
  • Gabion walls up to 7m high

In early 2011, a 1.5km stretch of Bellthorpe Range Road was severely damaged and closed to traffic. The closure of the road cut off the Bellthorpe community and a number of surrounding farms, and affected Bellthorpe businesses and resident commuters.

The damage was due to the intense and prolonged rainfall over the Moreton Bay region, which created the disastrous Queensland floods in January 2011. The sheer volume of water that fell over the area during this time had completely saturated the soil; triggering landslides, rock falls and pavement failures along Bellthorpe Range Road.

Moreton Bay Regional Council contracted Doval Constructions to carry out the reconstruction works at a cost of approximately $8 million, which commenced in November 2011.

The program of work included the restoration and rehabilitation of pavements, widening of existing road reserve, drainage, batter stabilization and repairs to slip failures with retaining walls both above and below the road pavement. Gabion retaining walls were constructed at almost all of the landslip sites to provide long-term stability and excellent drainage, in both cut and fill situations.

Concrib lends their retaining wall expertise

Concrib was engaged by Doval Constructions to carry out a complete turnkey service of supply and installation. This included the gabion retaining walls (some up to 7 metres in height) and rock mattress structures (including all plant, labour, rock, cages, and geotextiles).

This project was a huge undertaking, with the placement of over 3,000m3 of gabions. Concrib gabion retaining walls and rock mattresses were an ideal solution for the restoration project for several reasons…

  • PVC coated wire gabions and mattresses are particularly well suited for an extended life in harsh and corrosive environments.
  • Gabions, rock-mattresses and rock fall netting are constructed from a woven mesh which provides the finished product with optimum strength and flexibility, which won’t “unravel” if the mesh is cut
  • Gabion retaining walls and rock-mattress structures are porous, which prevents the build up of hydrostatic pressure that may accompany future heavy rainfall.

The challenges

The unique nature of the job meant that several factors needed to be carefully considered whilst carrying out construction, including…

  • The protection of fauna and fl ora inhabiting the heavily forested Bellthorpe Range.
  • The environmental risk due to the typical high rainfall levels of the area.
  • The safety risk due to the limited access and narrowness of the road, plus the steepness of cut and fi ll slopes.

Concrib worked closely with Doval Constructions to ensure effi ciency of installation whilst maintaining safe work practices, including the constant monitoring and control of the construction machinery that was in close proximity to work areas.

Stringent environmental measures were also implemented to reduce erosion and degradation of the Bellthorpe Range environment.

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Bellthorpe Range Road
Bellthorpe Range Road
Bellthorpe Range Road
Bellthorpe Range Road

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