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Stone® Strong for 17 Mile Rocks Road Improvements

The development:

17 Mile Rocks Road is a sub-arterial road that links the ever-growing Centenary suburbs of Brisbane with the inner West. As a result of new residential development in the area, 17 Mile Rocks Rd was unable to cope with increased traffic volumes. This was particularly the case at the Duporth Avenue intersection.

The site

The Brisbane City Council undertook a traffic improvement program that required the road to be realigned to ease congestion, and improve safety by increasing the length of the merge lane. New pedestrian pathways and a bicycle lane were also incorporated in the project.

The process

With the StoneStrong system we were able to greatly reduce the amount of excavation required for the select –fill reinforced soil zone as well as embedment depth of the small-block system, yielding a substantial saving in both time and excavation volume. The great aesthetics of StoneStrong’s chiselled-granite facing also played a part in the selection of the retaining wall.

The result

The bottom line was a great looking wall, fit for purpose, supplied and constructed by Concrib with a cost saving to the Brisbane City Council. The only delays experienced were due to wet weather; the client was satisfied with the finished result; the traffic is now flowing smoothly and merging is safer.

Need an engineered retaining structure?

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