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Concrete Crib Walls

Concrete crib walls are gravity retaining walls, constructed from interlocking, precast, concrete components. They are filled with free draining material and earth backfill to eliminate the hazards of hydrostatic pressure building up behind the wall.

Concrib crib walls are low cost, of open web construction, and can be quickly and inexpensively erected. They can be used almost anywhere a retaining wall is needed – including driveways, building sites, and garden areas.

Advantages of using Concrib concrete crib walls:

  1. Ease of construction
  2. Concrete crib walls do not require skilled labour and are easily and quickly erected. Components can easily be handled by two people, and there are no costly foundations involved.

  3. Stability, strength and safety
  4. The open web construction and use of free draining material eliminates two common causes of failure in retaining walls — namely build up of hydrostatic pressure and the destructive pressure of tree root systems.

    The high quality precast concrete components provide for long-term durability and will not rot or warp.

  5. Low cost
  6. Our crib walls are specifically designed to allow speed and ease of construction for minimum cost and require little or no maintenance. The standard, quality components allow for the most economical solutions for various wall heights.

  7. Aesthetics
  8. A Concrib crib wall can be planted with flowers, shrubs, or creepers, using the spaces in the face of the wall. This allows the wall to blend in with any existing or proposed environment.

  9. Adaptability
  10. Concrib crib walls are incredibly flexible and can easily be constructed to follow gentle curves, slopes, and undulating terrain. They are also easily laid around corners.

    What’s more, the ability to dismantle and re-erect components quickly and easily as required means our walls may form temporary or permanent structures as the need dictates.

    Where construction must be carried out in stages — due to finance, weather or other factors — our walls are ideal as there is no permanent connection between components, allowing sections of wall to be continued when and where required.

  11. Design
  12. Our concrete crib walls are designed as gravity retaining walls, using a system of four header sizes. Combinations of header sizes can be used for different wall heights. Walls up to 20m in height can be catered for with these systems.

  13. Independently tested
  14. The performance of the Concrib system and components have been fully evaluated and tested by the Queensland University of Technology. A full report is available on request.

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